Celebrating in Chengdu

We’ve completed our weekend training new Awakening the Dreamer facilitator trainers. Here are some photos celebrating the beginning of a new era for the ten Awakening the Dreamer facilitators in central China who will now be able to train new facilitators.

Here’s the trainee group, along with Maisa Arias, the international coordinator from The Pachamama Alliance, and me.cheng_faciltrain_group_317

Here are Maisa and I with Author and Etta as they celebrate the completion of the weekend.cheng_faciltrain_authorettagroup_317

After the workshop, we headed out for fun and relaxation in the city. We ate at a restaurant known for Chengdu’s specialty food.cheng_evening_rest_317

Maisa and I had fun trying out the restaurant’s specialty.cheng_evening_specialtyfood_317

Some of us took a walk around the city. Here are Maisa, Fish, and I on a bridge over one of the several rivers that run through the city.cheng_evening_marygroup_317

And I’ll leave you with this picture of me on the Anshun Bridge, which crosses the Jin River, beautifully illuminated at night.cheng_evening_marybridge_317

Our March adventure in China will finish up next weekend. Maisa and I are flying to the coastal city of Qingdao on Wednesday to do the same training before heading home.


3 thoughts on “Celebrating in Chengdu”

  1. Beautifull!!
    Such a wonderfull example of how each person, each one of us, can make a difference …
    Thank you for all you are doing for all of us here with our Mother Earth …
    Lois Anne


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